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Business ContinuityOne of the key attractions of WebDrive365 is that it enables you to ‘Work Anywhere’. With the WebDrive365 Solution, you will have the necessary IT capability to access data in any location just as if you were working from behind the desk in your own office and because of our accessible ‘ environment’ you can be assured of superior performance combined with unbeatable security from whatever PC you happen to be using.

Flexible working is now being adopted by corporations throughout the world and the commercial advantages of this are now starting to be recognised. For instance, remote working eradicates transport limitations/costs and therefore increases productivity whilst companies are better able to utilise office space to their advantage and reduce overhead costs.

Working parents can also take advantage of flexible working without feeling side-lined into choosing to stay in employment or not, as companies are now being encouraged to review flexible working applications from their employees.

WebDrive365 provides the necessary IT infrastructure to empower your company to take full advantage of the ‘Access Your Data Anywhere’ methodology. You can even choose the degree of autonomy that your staff have, because the data access can be controlled by yourself and, therefore, access is filtered accordingly.

BlackBerry™ enabled free iPhone/iPad/Android applications

In addition to the empowering advantages offered to static employees, whether office or home based; the WebDrive365 offers the same ‘Work Anywhere’ advantages to employees who are permanently based ‘on the road’ (such as Sales Personnel, Inspectors or Consultants). For such mobile personnel, the BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad, Android Phone/pad is now the device of choice to maintain a working level of communication and WebDrive365 incorporates the requisite software to ensure seamless communication. This allows your mobile employees to take full advantage of Unlimited Data access, all-in-one handheld solution. This solution can be provided on an individual basis or released company-wide depending on your company’s requirements.

The business enabling flexibility offered by the ‘Work Anywhere’ methodology has been widely seized upon and utilised by most market leading companies: without doubt, it can also give your company a clear competitive edge.

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