Recover Overwritten Data

Business ContinuityEach year thousands of man hours are lost through employees deleting or overwriting data. Besides the obvious drain on productivity, network resources and potential legal liabilities, such errors ultimately translate to your company’s ‘bottom line’.

WebDrive365 gives you a comprehensive and elegant solution to the recovery of employee data. You can retrieve the last 30 versions of any backed-up file, as well as recover deleted files (as long as they have been backed-up) for up to 30 days.

With WebDrive365 you can be confident that your data is completely safe…even from accidents!


WebDrive365, as you would expect, also provides integral security, protecting backed-up files against the threat of viruses and other unwanted intrusions. Suspect data such as virally infected or lurid content will never be allowed to enter the system, and importantly, this also prevents any liabilities from a legal standpoint.

Additionally, with WebDrive365, you can give members of staff flexibility in the way that they manage their individual backup accounts, allowing individuals to recover their own data quickly and easily…saving your IT staff time and resources.

Security, Flexibility and Control are the watchwords of any company’s IT interaction with the outside world and by choosing WebDrive365, you can be sure that these principles will remain integral to the make-up of your company’s IT infrastructure.

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