Environmental Benefits

Power Consumption

Business ContinuityHere at WebDrive365 we believe plainly and simply, in conducting our business with the minimum of wastage and drain on resources and as a consequence of our actions, we help you to automatically accrue the same results.

Using WebDrive365vmeans that because all of your chosen data are held in a centralised environment, you no longer need to invest in expensive servers, saving you the outlay cost of expensive equipment as well as the associated running costs. Additionally, our solution allows you to take advantage of the use of cloud services instead of higher-powered machines.

Although whilst using our platform, you will still accrue noteworthy power savings utilising your existing Desktop PC’s, a typical cloud solution is considerably cheaper to purchase and will use considerably less power than currently required to operate your existing inventory of applications.

Electricity consumption within most organizations is extremely high and the implementation of cloud services will yield substantial cost savings in terms of energy consumption in your buildings and will be far less harmful to the environment. Further into the future, there is also a considerable cost reduction in the disposal less equipment when complying with the ‘Disposal of Electronic and Electric Equipment Directive’.

Heat Reduction

It is not, however, just the power consumption of PCs that effect both the electricity consumption of your building and the environment. Servers and backup solutions generate substantially more heat than the equivalent cloud offerings: In a Managed Office Environment, this means that an increased use of Air Conditioning to reduce heat build up is required. Once again, this has both a major financial and environmental cost.

Carbon Offsetting

Although at WebDrive365 we keenly pursue our personal policy of conducting our business so as to have the minimum effect on the environment; we also take a proactive approach to our business’ Carbon Footprint.

To that end, we are proud to state that we offset our Carbon Footprint in partnership with Buy a Watt …an innovative and, we believe, world changing Carbon Offsetting Scheme that gives its contributors a tangible indication of what they are accomplishing via a unique and ingenious method of returning earnings back to them.

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