Unlimited Backup

If you are thinking about the cloud as a solution for your offsite storage requirements, then you will be amongst a growing number of companies who are starting to recognise the significant benefits, both in cost savings and sheer peace of mind to be gained from using our innovative solution.

We provide true unlimited Storage, it doesn't matter how many files you've got on your computer or of what type they are - documents, audio, video, databases, and spread sheets - we'll back them all up! WebDrive365 backs up all your hard drives and directly connected external disks too*.

Our fully scalable solution perfectly complements both full and incremental backup and is the perfect solution for any size of company, from small 5 man operations right up to multi-site National Corporations. It also guarantees to bring you noticeable reductions in IT costs because you pay a flat fee for an unlimited backup solution that covers all your employees…saving outlay on otherwise expensive hardware and IT resources.

Because all of your chosen data is mirrored on our secure servers which are triangulated across three discrete military grade data centres, our solution offers IT outsourcing in its truest sense. There is no further need for outlay on expensive servers or to upgrade existing backup equipment or USB Stick’s as our leading edge, fully supported servers, provide all the functionality that you will ever need.

The benefits of WebDrive365

. What will most likely be prominent in your thoughts when considering an IT solution though, is reliability, integrity of data and business continuity:

  • Our IT provision ensures that you receive the very highest levels of uninterrupted service.
  • For businesses governed by third party regulators (such as the FSA or other regulatory bodies) who must show compliance in terms of the storage of and access to information, we can show demonstrable Disaster Recovery and Data Availability solutions.
  • All of your backed-up data can be accessed quickly and securely via any internet connection or Smartphone device, ensuring flawless business continuity.

So if you are looking for a widely encompassing solution that dramatically reduces the worries normally associated with backup and business continuity, then why not speak to one of our friendly staff and find out how we can bring your needs to fruition. By leveraging the cloud, you can get on with what really matters most to you…your business.

*WebDrive365 will detect USB drives, but there will be an extra charge to work with SAN, NAS and other networked drives.

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